Validate your startup idea by asking for money

I’ve just been asked for advice from someone in Norfolk who’s into 3D printing who wants to startup their own business. This was my reply, Noah Kagan / App Sumo style, it’s valid for any niche:

Hi X

What I’d recommend is:

1) Identify what niche would have a need for your 3D prints – what is the problem you are solving for them?

2) Come up with a list of 10 companies or potential individual customers you think would be interested in buying a service or 3D product from you

3) Reach out to them via email / social channels and say that you are doing discounted 3D models for just £X to the first 5 people who are interested.

4) Ask for payment to your paypal address

This way you get paying customers and the money up front before you do the work

From there build a one page website advertising your products and then drive traffic to it through search engines and social platforms such as Facebook.

Basically research who your customers are, what problem do they currently have / what needs are not being met, reach out to them and ask for money!

As soon as you sell anything it’s a business.

Go for it.



Richard Patey