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“SEO Norwich”… Is There Any Value in It?


I’ve played the agency Norwich game. I’ve optimised this page and acquired links to rank top for SEO Norwich and it’s just not worth it. According to Ahrefs there are 250 searches a month for “SEO Norwich” and I bet as much as 200 of those are digital marketing folk in Norwich who check where their agency site ranks. And the quality of those other 50 genuine searches? Well if you want people with £300-£500 budgets you can have them. I now focus on helping Norfolk startups build their own internal SEO team so they don’t have to outsource to clueless agencies!

Richard managed our SEO for 6 months. During that time he sorted out intrinsic problems with the website for my online business as well as historic problems our old SEO company had created due to dubious practices which had led to our rankings falling and being google blacklisted. He resolved these issues and did a great job for us.
Adam Tallamy
Life & Business Coach

Why Most* SEO Agencies Are Dubious At Best

*There are some excellent agencies in Norwich such as Fountain Partnership or Further Digital Marketing but these are few and far between

Do you know exactly what you want someone to do when they reach your business site? With an ecommerce site you want to convert a visitor into a customer there and then.


However if there are no ‘buy now’ buttons then what’s the purpose of your site? What’s the goal? Do you know what your conversion is? And has your Search Engine Optimisation company ever asked you this?!


Agencies tend to work in silos.

Web design companies in Norwich can be terrible in thinking about site conversions; rather they focus on making the most attractive, responsive site for the money.


And most Search Engine Optimisation companies only care about boosting search traffic rather then correctly focussing on revenue as Neil Patel is renowned for.


If your site isn’t converting traffic into leads or paid customers then you are wasting money on online marketing. Your SEO agency Norwich needs to first work on optimising every landing page that they are sending keywords to for maximum effectiveness.


If you’re paying for Search Engine Optimisation in order to capture new leads then you’d better make sure there’s an obvious and prominent lead capture box or button on your sales page and every landing page that’s being worked on.


But if all you’re doing is a ‘sign up to our newsletter’ box or a plain looking contact details box with 7 fields that all need to be completed then then you and your potential customers are missing out. You need to encourage and persuade your potential customers into leaving their details through a direct response offering.


And to do this you need to bribe.


You need to offer an opt-in bribe in return for their email, also known as a lead magnet by the legendary internet marketer and software as a service expert Clay Collins from Lead Pages. More often than not, you will have already written the content for the opt-in bribe as a blog post or on a FAQ page which can be turned into a ‘7 top tips’ download very quickly.


Outside of direct selling, building an email list is often the most valuable goal and conversion you can have online as you can start to build an ongoing relationship with people through education based marketing. Help people to learn about the benefits of your products and services and let them know what your company has been up to on a human level. Email still remains the most effective one on one marketing there is.


And you need to optimise.


Once you’ve set up your lead capture across multiple pages you can start to see, through Google Analytics, which pages convert the most and you can then work with your SEO services company to optimize search traffic on those pages. To do this you can you use Google Webmasters to find search phrases that Google is showing the page for, but which have a low click through rate and then look to improve the titles and headings of the page.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) can often be a waste of money if a website fails to capture leads due to an absence of thinking about conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and solid web design.

Being clear on the purpose of your homepage and other pages will enable the SEO agency you choose to get you more customers and make your the most money.


And that’s what digital marketing should be about.

Been Burned By Previous SEO Agencies In Norwich Norfolk?

Here are some of the shady tactics we have seen first hand by SEO agencies in Norwich Norfolk – look out for any of these, they are all against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and if discovered can get your site penalised and even taken out of the Google index!:


Buying links – agencies will either pay for a link on someone’s site or may even have built out their own sites that they control (what is known as a Private Blog Network or PBN).


Automatically generated content – some agencies ‘spin’ existing content, changing just enough words to not be duplicate content and send to article directories. This content adds no value to the user or Google’s index.


Guest posting and press releases for the intention of obtaining keyword-rich anchor text links

SEO Guide: Headers, Search Engine Basics and Links

WordPress is one of my favourite pieces of software for several reasons. One of these is that it allows you to really get to grips with all aspects of running a website. What’s more is that it allows you to do your own SEO. This SEO guide will outline the basics of good SEO for a WordPress website with regards to headers, search engine basics and link building. There are several SEO plugins available to help with this. It also never hurts to employ the services of an expert SEO Agency, as top-notch SEO can be a hugely involved process.


SEO Guide: Post Titles & Headers


First and foremost it is important to understand how Google treats titles, headers and tags. Your post title is likely to be an <h1> tag and will be given top priority by Google bots and crawlers. If your article is about SEO Companies for example, this meta keyword should appear in both your post title and subsequent <header> tags. Create sub-headings and switch to HTML view to make them into <h2> or <h3> headers. For example, your post title could be “Top SEO Companies in Norfolk” with sub-headings such as “Top SEO Companies in Norwich” and so on.

Imagine what people would actually type into Google to find your content. . It is also a good idea to search for such content yourself before publishing. This will allow you to assess what exists already (who your competition is) and re-consider how to tailor your content or article. When people do a keyword search, Google will crawl relevant articles with a high number of occurrences of that keyword or keyphrase and rank them accordingly. It is therefore important to ensure that your chosen keyword(s) appears in your post title, in subheadings, in your actual copy and at the beginning and end of your article. But don’t overdo it! No more than 5% of your article should be comprised of your chosen keyword or keyphrase.


SEO Guide: Link Building Basics


The golden carrot with link building is having other high-ranking and related websites link to your article or content. However, it is also important that you include at least one external link yourself to good, related content. Google will consider this as an additional resource to further information and reward you for it. When you link to another WordPress website you have the option of sending them a ping-back. This will notify the website author that you have linked to them. And, if you’re lucky, they will mention you within their content in the future and on social media.


The Top 10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid


There will always be people out there trying to game the system. And to a point, some of them will succeed. Every day there are individuals and companies doing their best to trick and evade Google’s algorithm and penalties in search of high rankings for their websites. For a short amount of time many of the tactics utilized by these people do succeed in raising the ranking of a website; Google is always on the lookout for shady and unsavory things, and many of the questionable techniques are already on their radar. Once there is enough data and evidence to take action, Google will surely apply its might towards correcting the issues it sees tipping rankings in favor of websites that are not earning them in a proper fashion. This is something SEO Companies should take note of but lets not forget that social media companies can bring in a huge ROI compared to other marketing channels.

Despite the big-name updates the Google has made and the policy changes that have been put in effect over the last few years, many people are still working with techniques that are not only outdated, but are also on the watch list kept by Google. If you want to avoid earning a penalty for your website, here are 10 things that you need to steer clear of at all costs:

1) Creating multiple websites for your business

2) Creating over-optimized micro-sites

3) Placing too many ads on your website, especially above the ‘fold’

4) Creating fake business listings

5) Cloaking or hiding text

6) Spinning content

7) Stealing or duplicating content

8) Selling links

9) Keyword stuffing

10) Creating spammy or low-quality links

By avoiding these and other unsavory tactics you can ensure that your website is that much more insulated from the kinds of ranking reductions that almost always follow a new algorithm update or policy change. If you stick to more positive practices while avoiding the negative tactics we’ve mentioned in this post you will have little cause to worry about your website’s performance in the major search engines because you will already be working towards achieving a state of harmony with Google’s policies and Webmaster Guidelines. Google wrote a great piece on How To Hire An SEO.

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