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Wood Flooring Service in Norwich Norfolk

If you’re looking to buy wood flooring in Norwich for the first time it’s a confusing process.

We can all agree that there are not many materials that can beat the natural warmth and beauty of wooden wood flooring.

However there are so many options available at varying price points including:

  • Solid oak flooring – the original and most expensive
  • Engineered wooden flooring which uses a thin layer of a more expensive wood on top that is bonded to a core which is constructed from cheaper wood making it affordable and extremely durable
  • Laminate flooring can simulate wood with a photographic layer printed under a clear protective layer

So where in Norwich should you purchase your wooden flooring?

We recommend you ignore the big box stores such as Flooring Supplies, and instead head to the local family firm Hamiltons which has excellent service and can come measure up at your home and offer a free no-obligation quote.