Advising Norfolk Startups

I work with Norfolk startups as an advisor, helping to build out their marketing strategy but only if organic search (SEO) can be a major acquisition channel.

Think of me as an interim or fractional CMO.

Below are the marketing activities I offer startups in a consultancy and/or advisory capacity:

1) Site Structure / Keyword Research – I find the top keywords to target which would be used as the basis for creating new pages and blog posts using my advanced subscription to the industry best SEO software suite I create a new site structure (visually represented) which includes hub pages to build content clusters around. I create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to train teams on how to find new keywords over time using this software and how to internally link to help the most important pages to rank.

2) Content Creation – I create a Trello board which shows what stage new content is at in terms of editorial as well as on-page SEO. This has a checklist for ensuring the keywords are added in the correct way in title tags, meta description and headings using the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin.

3) Google Webmasters – I properly configure the four different profiles of the site (http, https, www, no www) in Google Search Console (GSC) and set up a redirection plugin for managing 301 redirects. This is critical and often missed by web companies / developers. I create an optimal sitemap to submit to GSC and clean up the Google index, removing pages and thin content that should not be there and will be hurting SEO efforts. I create a SOP for staff to check for and fix errors in the GSC.

4) Linkbuilding– I set up a Trello board containing competitor links to go after (found in Ahrefs) and the stages of (email) outreach on new content assets, i.e. off-page SEO. I set up link management spreadsheets for every major page to track links built and monitor that the anchor text ratio is optimal (not over optimised with too many people linking with the same target keyword phrase which can trigger a Google penalty). I also create SOPs for other important activities such as how to use Google’s Disavow Links Tool if you receive too many spammy or toxic backlinks.

5) Marketing Strategy, Advice & Recruitment – I can advise on additional traffic sources including the running of paid ads (i.e. Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn) in terms of how to recruit marketing staff or work with pay per click agencies to achieve the best ROI. I’m expert at creating sales funnels, converting traffic into leads (emails) and converting into sales on the spot or using follow up email automation sequences (I advise on this on Clarity which shows reviews

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I’m happy to work on a cash / equity split otherwise my day rates are below, dependent on what funding stage you are at.

  • Pre-seed – £350/d
  • Post-seed – £500/d
  • Series A – £750/d

Ready to rock? Reach out at richard [at]